Taylored Curiosities Mothers Day Fenegrygs

Taylored Curiosities has added some Mother's Day specials to their store. These Fenegrygs each include a little baby...of course, for Mother's Day. Each set is available for £28.00 plus postage (around $30).

Fenegrygs are magickal creatures that inhabit our world, but in a different dimension. You'll only see them when they choose to let you. I think there is a dance you can do to tempt them to show themselves, but I forget how it goes...

Measuring 3.5" tall. Made from vintage cotton, with a hand cast face made from an original sculpt and hand painted. The face is sewn and glued to the body. Stuffed with soft stuffing.

Her baby is made in the exact same way, but on a much smaller scale; measuring 3.5cm.

Packaged in a clear, keep safe bag and a stripy paper bag, ready to gift. Accompanied by a vintage name tag.

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