Patrick Wong Prober

Patrick Wong has unveiled his latest custom - a 7" tall Munny named "Prober". While it's not available to purchase, here's some additional background info on this piece:

This new character came out of a bit of an experiment Patrick Wong and tattooist Ryan Tsutsumi executed painting graffiti. They painted the wall black, drew a line in the middle, and each were to draw half a face without the other knowing what the other was going to paint until that day. The Prober character was born out of that painting session.

Prober is an immortal being that has intervened into human civilization since the dawn of time. It has sometimes created havoc upon the earth, but it is known by oral tradition to be an entity of justice swallowing evil doers from its black face with white holes.

Once in graffiti form, the character then took the form of the pasteup to further breath life into this fictional being. The 7" Munny was the most recent transformation of Prober shown with its two sets of eyes swallowing the souls of other characters and wielding its mystical staff.

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