Daniel Yu had some new pieces available at the Singapore Toy Games & Comic Convention. If, like me, you weren't able to get there...here's a run-down.

Daniel Yu Crawdad Kid Splicer Red 2 Daniel Yu Crawdad Kid Splicer Red 1

OMFG! Crawdad Kids Toys R Evil Splicer Red Edition
From OMFG! series 1, this 20 piece custom edition of the Crawdad Kid Splicer Red figures is a ToysREvil exclusive. A handful of these hand-painted figures will be made available online through ToysREvil.

Daniel Yu Crawdaddy 1 Daniel Yu Crawdaddy 2

Crawdaddy 8.5-inch Resin Figure
Standing in at 8.5 inches in height, this resin figure will be custom hand-painted by Daniel Yu. They're made available on a commission basis and retail for $200.00 plus shipping via FLABSLAB.

Daniel Yu Take The Reins 2 Daniel Yu Take The Reins 1

Take The Reins Custom 4-inch Munny
Influenced by the valiant kamikaze pilots of yesteryear, this 4-inch custom Munny piece comes fully loaded and ready to rock.

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