cris rose goldfish bowl 1

Cris Rose has released all of the necessary details on the first of many Bits n Bytes color palettes. This one is called "Goldfish Bowl". From the oranges of the Goldfish to the turquoisy blues of the water and the lush greens of it's waterplant surroundings, there's a range of 6 tones in total.

cris rose goldfish bowl 2

Goldfish Bowl Bits n Bytes goes on sale Tuesday June 21st 2011 at 6:00 PM London time (1:00 PM EST) at

If you buy a Full Set ($55.00 plus shipping), you're guarenteed one of each sculpt with no doubles. Each figure is a different color, but sculpt/color combo is random. The Full set includes 8 figures, all bagged with header cards.

There are two different 3-pack options ($22.50 each plus shipping). The Light Pack consists of the lighter Hues, while the Dark Pack consists of the darker Hues.There are 3 Bits per pack and the sculpts are random, but you're guaranteed the 3 colors shown on the chart below.

cris rose goldfish bowl 3

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