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Walter Jacott aka Chauskoskis has revealed his custom for the upcoming group custom show at Dragatomi - For the Love of Vinyl. Of course, this is a customized Symbiote vinyl toy. The character is named Peter Petroleo, and here is his story (as told by Chauskoskis):

chauskoskis peter petroleo 2

Robot #7183 was a machine from the mid 40's who has been shutdown and power less for a few decades , originally was created by Dr. Von Chaus Denburgh as a surveillance and espionage machine, but after the WWII was over and with the new technologies developed it was no longer needed.

Then, after 100 years in the darks, some unusual life grow inside of it... evolving from bacteries, dust, petrol and darkness some greasy creatures came to life inside 7183. Strangely, metal and glass, plastic and gears start to work.

theres no more robot #7183. Now, Peter Petrol is born...

chauskoskis peter petroleo 3

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