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Toy Art Gallery and Emilio Garcia are planning on releasing 12 months of exclusive Jumping Brains in 12 colors - known as the Brain Hue program. Each Jumping Brain is 2” and hand-painted in a pearlized high gloss finish by Emilio Garcia and Lapolabs.

This series of releases will begin on Monday March 14th 2011 at 12PM PST. The first three Brain Hue colors will be available via the above links, with new Brain Hue's being released on the first Monday of each month until December. Every Brain Hue Jumping Brain is signed and numbered by Emilio Garcia. They will be limited to 20 pieces, retailing for $35.00 each.

Also, Toy Art Gallery is offering a subscription program where subscribers have priority on each Brain Hue release. Spots are limited, so email info@toyartgallery.com if you are interested.

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