wootini bloodbros

Wootini Gallery is proud to present Blood Brothers, a group show by a trifecta of talent: Abe Lincoln Jr., Evoker and MCA. It was inevitable for these artists’ mischievous, cute, strange and wonderful work to come crashing together in one show. You can see their artwork publicly, lining the streets on stickers, in galleries around the world and in boutiques on vinyl art figures for Toy2R and Kidrobot. All influenced by popular culture and cartoons, yet each with a distinct art style that translates fluidly from the streets to canvas to vinyl.

Blood Brothers will feature prints, stickers, original paintings, and customized designer figures. The opening reception will take place on Friday March 4th 2011 from 7PM until 11PM, while the show runs until March 31st 2011.

Wootini Gallery
101 Lloyd Street
Carrboro, NC

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