If I had to choose one trend that really went big in 2010...it would have be resin. A number of artists released their own small run resin series (they're a lot cheaper than vinyl to make) and a number of companies went the resin route. I picked out five of the top resin figures that we had a chance to review over the past year. 

biting pear resin

5. Biting Pear (Patch Together)
The LOLWUT internet meme went from being a painting (The Biting Pear of Salamanca) to the whole meme thing to being a resin (and plush) toy. Patch Together has given us probably the creepiest addition to your holiday fruit basket.

voxer resin

4. Letters From LA: Voxer (U1 Toy Arts)
This piece put a slightly different spin on the graffiti tag. U1 Toy Arts' gave you three different ways to display the Voxer tag - on a stand, on the brick background, or simply the tag. 

pt acacia resin

3. Acacia "Bud" Budur (Patch Together)
Patch Together and Paul Taylor have brought several of his Wapsi Square characters to resin form. However, none of them really captured the illustrated characters from the strip as well as the Bud figure.

pt hell resin

2. Hell (Patch Together)
We already mentioned Patch Together's Hell figure in our best sculpt category. It's a little scary...a lot cute. And even though I'm not sure what the name has to do with this character, it's one of the better resin sculpts that we've seen.

tuttz jade resin

**WINNER** 1. Tuttz (Argonaut Resins)
Eric Nocella Diaz (Mr. Argonaut Resins) released his original series of ancient Egyptian inspired cats. In conjunction with various sites and several artists, he created a number of exclusive colorways and small run customs. This - plus the limited nature - kept the Tuttz line fresh and one of the most popular of 2010.

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