2010 GTA: Vinyl Toy Of The Year

It feels like vinyl took a backseat to resin in 2010. Maybe it was the sheer number of different resin figures that were released, but it felt like there were … Read More

2010 GTA: Plush Toy of the Year

Plush lines range from handmade to large factory releases to limited edition runs. Comparing and contrasting all of them is difficult, but I think we have a good mix of … Read More

2010 GTA: Male Articulated TOTY

As we wind down our look back at the year of 2010 in toys, we seemed to have reviewed a larger percentage of those highly articulated figures. (You can’t really … Read More

2010 GTA: Female Articulated TOTY

The Female Articulated Toy of the Year category wasn’t that difficult to narrow down, as we didn’t really review that many 1/6th scale or above female figures this past year. … Read More

2010 GTA: Resin Toy of the Year

If I had to choose one trend that really went big in 2010…it would have be resin. A number of artists released their own small run resin series (they’re a … Read More

2010 GTA: Best Toy Line

How do we qualify what a “Toy Line” is? Well, you have to have multiple releases of the same series of figures. Not exactly blind boxed, as we’ve covered that … Read More

2010 GTA: Best Blind Box

Ahh…the blind box. Love them or hate them, there are plenty of blind box series out there. Most companies have their very own platform toy. Artists work their magic on … Read More

2010 GTA: Artist of the Year

Choosing only a handful of artists from a fairly large community of super talented folks might be the most difficult task I have in our Golden Toy Awards. Yet it … Read More

2010 GTA: Customizer of the Year

While there’s often crossover between “customizers” and “artists”, customizers are the masters at taking a platform – any platform – and putting their artistic stamp on it. In a genre … Read More

2010 GTA: Best Sculpting

Good sculpting spans across platform and material. Are you looking at a good facial sculpt? Is there a pose that stands out from the pack? Are the sculpting details just … Read More

2010 GTA: Best Packaging

So what…is it about 50% of folks keep their toys mint in the package? That’s always the big quandary…to take out of the box and display or leave it in … Read More

Plastic and Plush’s 2010 Golden Toy Awards

It’s that time of the year again…time to fondly look back on last year and recognize several of those toys and artists that stood out from the pack. I’ve perused … Read More