Plush lines range from handmade to large factory releases to limited edition runs. Comparing and contrasting all of them is difficult, but I think we have a good mix of the five best plushies that we reviewed in 2010. Check 'em out.

lubies blue jays plush

5. Toronto Blue Jays Lubies (Rocket USA)
I was trying to think of the best representative of the MLB Lubies series, and I kept coming back to the Toronto Blue Jays. (I'm an unbiased Phillies fan) It just shows how Rocket USA has expanded their Lubies line by adding new animals from their MLB Lubies seies.

riceroar plush

4. Riceroar (Noodoll)
UK-based Noodoll has quietly released some cute little plush creations. Our favorite is the super soft Riceroar, which combines a fun design with some great plush material.

ingri francis plush

3. Francis Love Bunny (House of Ingri)
The new plush line from Ingri Von Bergen brought us the tired looking Francis Love Bunny plush. All white, showing off a little red heart...Francis has one of the funniest expressions that we've seen on a plush character.

uglybot plush

2. Uglybot (Uglydolls)
David and Sun-Min have been a part of several of our end of the year toy award lists. The Uglybot is one of our favorite Uglydolls to be released over the past few years. I mean a robot plus an Uglydoll...

mr corn plush

**WINNER** 1. Mr. Corn (Anna Chambers)
Anna Chambers has been releasing some tasty plush creations over the last few years. Her Happy Green Apple made our list last year, and the Mr. Corn plush topped that. It's a fun concept that was transformed into a great looking plush.

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