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2010 GTA: Best Packaging

So it about 50% of folks keep their toys mint in the package? That's always the big take out of the box and display or leave it in there. But it helps make the decision a little easier if the packaging your toy comes in looks good and features some great artwork. Let's check out those top five.

ollie twitterrific packaging

5. Ollie the Twitterific Bird (Strangekiss)
If you're looking for the perfect display're going to need that window front box. Add in some great artwork from David Lanham of the Iconfactory and you've got a great displayable package.

uglydoll action2 packaging

4. Uglydoll Action Figure Series 2 (Uglydolls)
If you remember the old-school Critterbox vinyl Uglydolls, you might remember this packaging. The Uglydoll crew went from a blind box Series 1 to a more display-friendly Series 2.

ht mars attacks packaging

3. Mars Attacks Martian Ambassador (Hot Toys)
Hot Toys gave their Mars Attacks line that retro look...just like the cult trading card series from 1962. Add in bright colors, stills from the film and a nice window and you have a sweet 1/6th scale box.

voxer packaging

2. Letters From LA: Voxer (U1 Toy Arts)
Sleek style and protection are always important. U1 Toy Arts layered the graffiti, wall and base on this Vox piece between separate levels of Styrofoam. Just an innovative way to package a resin piece.

lunartik tea packaging

**WINNER** 1. Lunartik in a Cup of Tea (Matt JOnes)
While the blind box looks great, with plenty of colorway illustrations, it's really the inside elements that put this series into the top spot. A teabag shaped pamphlet that features the various colorways? Ingenious!

Plastic and Plush’s 2010 Golden Toy Awards

2010 toy awards

It's that time of the year again...time to fondly look back on last year and recognize several of those toys and artists that stood out from the pack. I've perused through the last year in reviews and selected favorites in 11 categories. So who will win the 2010 Golden Toy Awards from

We'll be looking at the top 5 in the following categories:

• Best Packaging
• Best Sculpting
• Customizer of the Year
• Artist of the Year
• Best Blind Box
• Best Toy Line
• Resin TOTY
• Female Articulated TOTY
• Male Articulated TOTY
• Plush TOTY
• Vinyl TOTY

When assembling these lists, I only look at toys that have been reviewed on Plastic and Plush. If you produce toys, please feel free to contact about reviews. If you're a collector please let us know your favorites in the appropriate comment thread.