Ahh...the blind box. Love them or hate them, there are plenty of blind box series out there. Most companies have their very own platform toy. Artists work their magic on the platform. The designs are often given various ratios and sometimes secret chase figures are included. But the main draw of the blind box...is that you have no idea what figure/design you'll end up getting. It's the mystery!

jinny series zero blindbox

5. Jinny Series Zero (Bitbots)
Even though they're named Series Zero, this is the first Jinny series from UK-based Bitbots. Designed by artist Jats Gill, the blind box line features a new platform sculpt and designs from an entirely UK lineup.

floxy blindbox

4. Floxy Series 1 (Patch Together)
Using the platform designed by the artist Soma, the Floxy blind box series signified the first blind box release from Patch Together. They assembled a nice mix of established and up-and-coming artists as a part of this first series.

ht toy story cosbabies blindbox

3. Toy Story Cosbaby S (Hot Toys)
Toy Story 3 was one of the most popular films released in 2010, and Hot Toys released a pair of their Cosbaby series based on the film. The blind box mini series featured some of the most recognizable characters from the movie.

blankies blindbox

2. Blankie Series 1 (Aarting)
There's sort a theme going on here...a lot of first series blind box lines. The Blankie features an interesting new platform sculpt along with some great designs. And the printing quality on the vinyl is superb.

lunartik tea blindbox

**WINNER** 1. Lunartik in a Cup of Tea (Matt JOnes)
There are a lot of platform toys out there, but nothing that looks quite like Matt JOnes' Lunartik in a Cup of Tea series - a little figure emerging from a cup of tea that's sitting on a saucer. And the different color variants each have a tea flavor inspired name.

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