Good sculpting spans across platform and material. Are you looking at a good facial sculpt? Is there a pose that stands out from the pack? Are the sculpting details just outstanding? Well, I think we've amassed all of those with these top 5 picks.

sideshow henry jones sculpt

5. Henry Jones, Sr. (Sideshow Collectibles)
I know a lot of folks whose favorite Indiana Jones film is The Last Crusade...all because of Sean Connery's portrayal of Henry Jones Sr. They might want to get their hands on Sideshow's version of the elder Jones as it's the best Connery face sculpt we've seen.

ht sarah connor sculpt

4. Sarah Connor (Hot Toys)
It's difficult having a best sculpting category and not include Hot Toys. Although Hot Toys really nails the Linda Hamilton facial sculpt (jaw and lips especially), they hit the piece up with a superb paint job.

esc wet suit maria sculpt

3. Wet-Suit Maria (ESC-Toy)
How does Erick Scarecrow's Wet-Suit Maria balance on one foot like that? We have no clue. But there's no doubting that this was the best sculpted vinyl figure that we reviewed this year.

pt hell sculpt

2. Hell (Patch Together)
A Patch Together resin ranked this high? Yep! Their Hell bunny is sculpted perfectly. The stance looks great (he's about ready to stomp on a flower) and the work on the face, ears and hair stand out from most resin work.

hot toys t 1000 sculpt

**WINNER** 1. T-1000 (Hot Toys)
Robert Patrick really wasn't a recognizable actor before Terminator 2 hit theaters. But his portrayal of the evil T-1000 bent on killing John Connor made his mug well-known. So what happens when Hot Toys gets their hands on a well-known actor? Well, 99% of the time, they hit the sculpt out of the so.

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