It feels like vinyl took a backseat to resin in 2010. Maybe it was the sheer number of different resin figures that were released, but it felt like there were a fewer big name vinyl releases in 2010. But there were still several great vinyl pieces released last year...including these 5.

ollie twitterrific vinyl

5. Ollie the Twitterrific Bird (Strangekiss)
I use Twitter and have a Mac...but just can't get in to using Twitterrific. They definitely have the best mascot out of all the various Twitter clients. That might be because it was designed by artist David Lanham.

toy story cosbaby buzz vinyl

4. Buzz Lightyear Series M Cosbaby (Hot Toys)
I guess Toy Story 3 was one of the bigger Hollywood blockbuster films to be released in 2010. And while it spawned a number of toy lines, our favorite was Hot Toys' new - much larger - Cosbaby Series M. While there were three Toy Story characters released, we just had to go with Buzz Lightyear.

iwg affonso vinyl

3. Commander Affonso (Rocket World)
Commander Affonso comes from Rocket World's Star Trek themed Star fleet IWG series. Dressed in his light blue suit, it was clear that Affonso the Rhino was playing the role of Spock. I'm not a huge Star Trek fan, and Commander Affonso was probably my favorite IWG version released...ever.

onell rilleco chaos vinyl

2. Rilleco Chaos (Onell Design + Real x Head)
Onell and Real x Head released the purple and black Rilleco Chaos figure...and like pretty much everything the two drop, it quickly sold out. Just amazing quality and shows one of the many different directions that Onell has been venturing in lately.

esc wet suit maria vinyl

**WINNER** 1. Wet-Suit Maria (ESC-Toy)
After being teased via a truly entertaining short film/commercial, Erick Scarecrow dropped his Wet-Suit Maria original colorway on us. It was difficult determining just how this little girl in a frog suit was able to stand on one foot and not topple over (since plenty of roto vinyl does that). But we were treated to a great sculpt as well as a cute new character.

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