The Female Articulated Toy of the Year category wasn't that difficult to narrow down, as we didn't really review that many 1/6th scale or above female figures this past year. And one company pretty much dominated the field.

tonner alice artic

5. Alice Kingsleigh (Tonner)
If you were going to collect Tonner's Alice in Wonderland, you probably would have wanted the title character from Tim Burton's film. While it's difficult comparing a sculpt to an unfamiliar actor/actress, the outfit is typical Tonner quality.

tonner arwen artic

4. Arwen Evenstar (Tonner)
From Tonner's Lord of the Rings license, this version of Liv Tyler as Arwen definitely could have made our best sculpted list. It also could have challenged for number 2 on this list...if they would have included the Evenstar pendant with the figure.

tonner red queen artic

3. The Red Queeen (Tonner)
I wasn't sure how the oversized head from Helena Bonham Carter's on-screen character would translate to doll form, but Tonner did go for a slightly larger head than usual...and it works. Of course, they couldn't go for freakishly large, or else you'd be constantly picking up your tipped over Red Queen.

jessica rabbit artic

2. Jessica Rabbit (Tonner)
I heard a mixed response from readers on Tonner's Jessica Rabbit TCF. Some didn't like the face sculpt or they didn't think she was..."busty" enough. I just love that 22 years after the movie release, Tonner could drop a Jessica Rabbit figure and get any response. (As a side's possibly one of my favorite female Tonner dolls)

ht sarah connor artic

**WINNER** 1. Sarah Connor (Hot Toys)'s just tough competing with Hot Toys when it comes to sculpting. I mean it looks just like Linda Hamilton. Then they add a cache of weapons and accessories that appear to be straight from the set of T2, and you have just an amazing collectible. Also, don't forget the rubber skin suit that hides the articulated joints. That really ups the realistic look of the Sarah Connor figure.