How do we qualify what a "Toy Line" is? Well, you have to have multiple releases of the same series of figures. Not exactly blind boxed, as we've covered that already. But they need to be a strong cohesive group so that you're interested in collecting ALL of them.

mimobot star wars line

5. Star Wars Mimobots (Mimoco)
Mimoco really ramped up the release schedule for their Star Wars Mimobots. They've included several of the ancillary characters from both the original and "other" trilogies. This series also helps them continue to reinvent the shapes of their Mimobots.

iwg starfleet line

4. IWG Starfleet Series (Rocket World)
From Star wars to Star Trek, the first licensed series of Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo figures was released by Patrick Ma. It's quite possibly the best we've seen the original trio of animals. But will this be them going out on a high note?

tonner alice line

3. Alice in Wonderland TCFs (Tonner)
It's not often that a toy line is better than the film that inspired it...but that could be said for Tonner's Alice in Wonderland series (the Tim Burton Alice, that is). While they'll continue to launch figures in 2011, some of the characters we saw released in '10 - the Mad Hatter and the Red Queen - were some of the best Tonner figures we've seen to date.

onell glyos line

2. Glyos System Series (Onell Design)
What can you say about Onell's Glyos line? It continues to steadily grow in size and recognition. The past year saw a number of new characters released, including the Rig and several collabs with RealxHead. And they have a virtual army of customizers involved in creating amazing one-of-a-kind pieces.

mlb lubies line

**WINNER** 1. MLB Lubies (Rocket USA)
It's tough competing with the Major League Baseball license. Rocket USA's extremely popular Lubies line features softball-sized plushies - often in the shape of an animal associated with the team/city. These are perfect for the baseball fans out there. The MLB Lubies were one of the most collectible lines of 2010.

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