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To celebrate its 10 year anniversary, Tokyo-based Figure Label ILANENA is having a special Exhibition in Nakano at the alternative cafe.

Any and every release from ILANENA's iconic Dai Kaiju Card Monsters (totaling 73 unique sets) will be on display. There will also be a Custom Show featuring custom Daiju Kaiju Card Monster sets by 23 select Western Artists. As an added bonus, a special collaboration between alternative comic virtuoso Jim Woodring and Ilanena will be unveiled.

The show will run from February 8th to February 20th 2011, with a party taking place on February 11th from 6PM to 9PM. Customs will be available for sale at the venue during the event and afterwards online through and

Participating artists include:

Aaron Blstr (Sqdblstr), Brian Bunting (GalaxyPeople), Brian Flynn (SUPER7), Cliff Kirschner (MONSTREHERO), Daniel Goffin, Datadub (FIG-LAB), Dennis Hamann (Shirahama), FU Irene (Kaiju korner), Ilanena Hoshina (ILANENA), Jesse Moore (Rawshark Studios), Jim Woodring, Kirkland Jue (Toybot studios), Koji Harmon (Cometdebris), L'amour Supreme, LASH (Mutant Vinyl Hardcore), Luke Rook (Lulubell Toys), Mark Nagata (MAX TOY), Matt Doughty (Onell Design), Paul Kaiju, Ralph Niese (Bruno Orbit), Randy Borden (Kaiju Big Battel), Ricky Wilson (VELOCITRON), SUCKADELIC, and Sean Blay (MONSTREHERO)

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