HT Indiana Jones Raiders 1

Hot Toys (in collaboration with Sideshow Collectibles) is proud to present the MMS DX 1/6th scale Indiana Jones Collectible Figure from Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark. The figure is based on the image of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones and includes various costumes, weapons and accessories. Look for it to be released in Q3 of 2011.

The figure features:

• Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS)
• Two hair styles: one for wearing fedora and one for wearing headscarf
• Five pairs of interchangeable palms

HT Indiana Jones Raiders 2 HT Indiana Jones Raiders 3 HT Indiana Jones Raiders 5


• Leather-like dark-brown jacket with zip and pouches
• Khaki shirt with pouches
• Pair of khaki pants
• Fabric brown belt
• Leather-like brown belt with buckle for linking to whip and pistol holster
• Brown fedora
• Cream colored Arab garb with white waistband
• White headscarf
• Pair of nude short under pants
• Pair of black socks
• Pair of leather-like brown short boots

Weapons and Accessories:

• Two pistols
• Authentic leather whip
• Staff of Ra with Headpiece
• Shoulder bag with venting details
• Sand bag
• Electroplated golden Fertility Idol
• Pedestal
• Journal
• Figure stand with Indiana Jones nameplate and the movie logo
• Double-sided movie-accurate backdrop
• Figure stage with metal plate movie logo and MMS DX series title

HT Indiana Jones Raiders 4

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