prs ceekoar squad 01

Prometheus Rising Studios has a new custom Glyos series ready to drop in a few weeks. It uses Onell's recent build-centric releases and Axis Joints. They've also been hit up with a sick Monster Kolor paint job.

Over the next two weeks, Ben, from PRS, will be dropping full image shots of the individual figures that make up the Glyos Ceekoar Custom Release. After that, he'll post the release info for the series.

To tide you over, here's the background story of the Ceekoar:

"Ceekoar is one of the fringe worlds of the Glyos universe, known for its harsh gaseous environment. It is constantly under siege because deep under its cloudy exterior it was the site of many ferocious Old War battles, resulting in the inhospitable environment today. The survivors of Ceekoar were changed by the new environment and now dedicate themselves to keeping the Old War tech decaying on Ceekoar out of anyone’s hands."

prs ceekoar squad 02

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