Charles' Creature Cabinet has announced a partnership with DollHeart Outfit Design that will entail new outfits for the ball joint resin figures. In addition, CC has announced a number of releases that will take place today (September 9th) at 8PM in the Netherlands time zone.


Ophelia Licorice is Charles’ newest piggy. This figure is cast in beautiful all black resin and comes in an exclusive ‘Wizard Piggy Outfit’. The exclusive limited edition 1st edition is limited to 50 pieces.

Tapi Luxor

Also to be released is the 2nd Edition of BuBu Odoroki. This figure has been newly cast in color pastel yellow “Mango” resin and comes in three versions: Basic (25 pieces), Princess Tapi (15 pieces) and Luxour Academy editions (10 pieces).


Finally, CCC has announced the release of IF – Imaginary Friend - their new lucky charm/mascot. This resin figure will include three interchangeable accessories for the top of its head: antenna, bow and whip-cream puff.

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