Charles’ Creature Cabinet – Fuzzyhog

Charles’ Creature Cabinet has announced the pre-order release details for their new Hedgehog Faerie figures. Releasing today (Thursday December 12th 2019) at 2PM ET, the nearly 2.5 inch tall tiny/micro BJD … Read More

CCC – Ebba Baby Troll Tickle Me

Charles Creature Cabinet is releasing the artist plush toy – Ebba Baby Troll Tickle Me – in Caramel and Pink. Currently available to pre-order, the plush is limited to 50 … Read More

CCC:  RISU Moriko Squirrel – Ginger Root Sprout Woodling

From Charles’ Creature Cabinet’s Cabinet of Wonders comes the RISU Moriko Squirrel – Ginger Root Sprout Woodling 45mm (about 1.75 inches)  Micro BJD Designer Toy. The Risu Moriko collectible will be … Read More

CCC – Charlotte Cherry Blossom – Exclusive Limited Edition

The secret door of the World of Victorian Piglet Faeries will soon be opened, once more. Charles’ Creature Cabinet has announced Charlotte Cherry Blossom – a sister of the famous Alice Cherry … Read More

Charles Creature Cabinet – Nippy Usagi

Charles’ Creature Cabinet has announced only a handful of the 10 piece run of their Nippy Usagi – Ginger Root Grub Woodling 5cm Micro BJD Designer Toy are available to … Read More

CCC – Baby Tahu Nidnoi

Charles Creature Cabinet is currently taking pre-order for his Baby Tahu – Nidnoi “Baby Buddha Gnole” ball-jointed figure. The 2.75-inch tall figure includes a “face-up”, card of authenticity, glass eyes (color … Read More

CCC – Koala Kitty Tiny BJD

Charles Creature Cabinet has announced the pre-order details for their Koala Kitty Tiny BJD (ball-jointed doll) in three different glow-in-the-dark colors: Mura Kitty Mulberry Lilac, Mura Malu Grey, and Mura Putih Snow White. … Read More

CCC’s BOINK Biggie pOink

Charles Creature Cabinet has announced the BOINK Biggie pOink, pig anthro ball jointed doll. The nearly 5-inch tall doll is available to pre-order, with three choices available: Cherry Pink, Potbelly Grey, and Snow … Read More

CCC’s pOink Cuddle Me Plush

Charles Creature Cabinet has announced their very first artist plush toy. The ‘pOink Cuddle Me’ Pink is currently available for pre-order. Limited to an edition of 100 pieces worldwide, the … Read More

Charles Creature Cabinet – Babi Jempol Thumb Piglet

Charles Creature Cabinet is currently taking pre-orders for their Babi Jempol Thumb Piglet – a tribute to Charles’ dear friend and biggest pig lover that I know: Donata van der Goorbergh … Read More

WODA Pollywog Pre-Order from Charles Creature Cabinet

Charles Creature Cabinet has announced that WODA, (that alien, Stitch-like creature) has been released for pre-order. The figure is available in a trio of limited edition colors: Ohana Blue (Glow-in-the-Dark); Ohana Pink … Read More

Fidelstix Micro Firefly Valentine’s Day

Charles Creature Cabinet has released their newest ball-jointed doll – Fidelstix. This Firefly Faerie BJD measures 6cm (about 2.4 inches) in height and is offered in both Fair skin and Translucent Green. … Read More