Plush_Kiwingz Plush_Skank

GANGTOYZ - Handmade Stupid Toyz - are designer plushies from France. These 9.5" tall handmade plush characters sell around $50 each.

  • "Kiwingz" from the Kikapawaï Collection
  • "Skank" from the Kikapawaï Collection
  • "Kudo San" from the Samouraï Kechoudan Collection
  • "Yabuzza" from the Samouraï Kechoudan Collection

How cool are the illustrations that adorn these plush creations? I like the design of the plush, but the real selling point is the artwork that's printed on it.

Plush_KudoSan Plush_Yabuzza

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