Everyone has either visited Meltdown Comics in person or via the Internet, correct?  It’s one of the most well known comic shops on the West Coast (LA to be exact).  In celebration of their 10th anniversary, Meltdown has released a figure in the likeness of their logo man – Mel.

Melto-Fu is a collaboration between Devilrobots and Meltdown Comics.  They have combined Devilrobots’ To-Fu Oyako template with Meltdown’s Mel.  Mel was designed back in 1996 by cartoonist Dan Clowes (Ghost World).  This figure is approximately 13 inches tall and made of rotocast vinyl.



Melto-Fu (or as I like to call him Mel To-Fu) is available in two
different versions.  There is the normal version of Mel.  He is wearing
a red and black Star Trek like outfit and has light green skin.  It
looks very similar to the logo.  He even has an antennae and three


The alternate colorway of Mel is a clear blue version. There are three
shades of blues, including the transparent blue body.  Out of the two
versions, I believe I like this one better than the original.  The
blues make it look very simple, and I like the way you can almost see
through the clear blue body.

The packaging on these figures brings back a nice retro feel.  It
reminds me a lot of the packaging Necessaries Toy Foundation uses.  A
nice, simple, retro feel with a front window that allows you to see the
figure while on display.  The package also has three faux comic books
on the back of the box.  You are able to cut the little comic books out
of the cardboard and secure them in Meto-Fu’s hands.  He looks a little
funny without anything in his hands, so I suggest utilizing those
comics or making your own.


So if you like these figures, you can purchase them at Meltdown Comics
or through their website.  Each figure runs $38, which is a little
below average for a figure of this size.  The quality of the figure is
about average.  It would make a cool addition to the collection of a
Meltdown Comic fan, since it is the only incarnation (that I know of)
of Mel.

Overall Grade: Original -
91%  Blue - 93%


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