We chat it up with Uglydoll, Noupa, Little Bony, Pounda, Wonderplan 51, etc. creator David Horvath. With a number of toys and projects on the horizon, we get the inside scoop.
(My questions are in black - David's answers are in blue)

With the first Series of Little Uglys recently released, and Series 2 landing in the near future, will we be seeing more characters in the “normal size” anytime soon?

New normal size Uglys have been born and are on the way.


We all got a glimpse of the Mini Uglys vinyl figures at Comic Con, are these going to be in production anytime soon? Will we see more than just the usual Uglydoll characters?

We created this line with Critterbox so that we would have the freedom to release the “background characters” of the Uglydoll universe with greater ease.
  While most vinyl figure publishers have production delays, we’re constantly causing our own toys months or even years of delay to get them right. If anytime soon means one year for you, then I say I hope so?


You’re working on bringing Little Bony to US fans through SEG toys. Is the release of that figure still scheduled for this fall?

Littlebony is indeed set for the fall. It will be
interesting to see how folks in the USA respond to a character known
only in Japan.

Will there be any other Little Bony figures – maybe a series of figures?

There is a set of plush capsule toys out now…very
tricky to find those outside Japan.   If you are in Tokyo, you can find
them in a Toy Store, at Circle K, any alley way, or next to the
underwear machine.   Littlebony is the #3 TV character in Japan with
boys (I hate you Pokemon and Magi Ranger) and #7 with girls (I hate you
6 other shows I can’t pronounce) thanks to one way glass character
recognition testing, so I am pretty sure those numbers mean more
goodies from the very nice people at Sony, Yujin, and Seg.


I’m definitely looking forward to the Pounda and Chu Chu vinyl toys.
Have you thought about bringing those characters to plush? I know I’d
buy one!

Once we get the vinyl right, plush will join soon after.

Your new 2-Faced Series 2 set of Dunnys is drumming up some major
interest. Could you tell us a little about the set and possibly the
background story?

The Dunny 2-Face #2 set is the story of Wonda,
photographer of the super natural.   He is on a quest to find Mothman,
the mysterious creature who was controlling Little Inky…causing
everyone to become 2 faced back stabbing monsters. How do you beat
mothman? Spider Boom. But first you must find her. The set also
includes 3 characters from Noupa. To replace your real Noupas which are
broken by now for sure.


Also, the two versions (green and blue) of your 8-inch Eggdrop Dunny look great. What’s the story behind that character?

Little Inky is the giant evil creature taking orders
from Mothman. (all of my Dunny figures are to scale to each other)   So
when Wonda is unable to find Spider Boom, he turns to Brad Luk, who has
the ability to transform into Little Inky’s arch nemesis Egg Drop
Ajaja. Yeah but then Evil Ajaja (blue) wants to stop Egg Drop.

We see it in a number of your works…the Mothman influence. Your new
Dunny set even has a Mothman character. What has drawn you to this
strange tale and do you believe Mothman exists?

Mothman exists for sure, and now that he knows you know, you’re screwed.

Now that Sun-Min and yourself are going to be “vinylized” for at
least the second time (Dunnys and Noupa) does that give you celebrity

That gives us “tied to an M-80” status.


You have some die-hard fans – just look at the Kidrobot discussion
board. Do you find that a lot of folks are simply interested in the
Uglydoll side of your work?

I think that most people who like what we do have no
idea (and don’t really care) who we are. Which is just perfect. As long
as they are having fun, we’re good.   The folks on the KR boards are
the original few and unlike fans of underground rock bands who turn on
their love once the band goes to MTV to sell us soda, the KR members
don’t just like us because no one else knows about us…which is why we
love them. Want a soda?

You have so many projects going on right now…Uglydolls, Pounda,
Wonderplan 51, Little Bony, Noupa, as well as your work on Dunnys,
Qees, Circus Punks, etc. How do you find the time to do it all?

No boss. That’s the key. And no going outside. That’s the other key.

Do you have any other top-secret information you can bestow upon my
readers and myself? Any breaking news on toys or projects we have yet
to hear about?

The three projects we spend most of our time on are not toy projects.
As far as toys go, keep your eyes on Yoya Mart.
Then say “eew, that’s it?”

Ok...time for my 10 random questions section. This is info you probably won't find anywhere else...


1 – Your favorite CD right now?
Uverworld D-technolife by Sony Music.

2 – Your favorite toy as a child?
Darth Vader evolutions figure set. I got it at Target last night.

3 – One up and coming artist we should keep our eyes on?
Sun-Min Kim. She’s huge. My days are numbered.

4 – Your favorite Tom Selleck movie?
between “Daughters of Satan” and this super-8 movie I have of him
refusing to give my father an autograph while eating at the Four
Seasons hotel.

5 – Who would win in an Uglydolls Battle Royal Wrestling Match?
don’t fight. The illuminati wants us to fight. The best way to win is
to do nothing. They cant send in the tanks when you’re doing nothing.
So they train us to fight when things aren’t right. They’re ready for
us then. Do nothing. Start with refusing to buy stamps or sending mail.

6 – What was your favorite subject in college or high school?
Math was my favorite art class.

7 – Favorite fast food joint?
I don’t do drugs.

8 – Most famous person you saw with an Uglydoll?
I saw Nelly throw one.

9 – Are you a sports fan?
Why don’t both teams work together? Think of how many points they could score.

10 – What words of inspiration would you like to leave to readers?
keep telling us about this idea you have and about how you’re gunna do
this and that…stop telling us. Just get it DONE sucka.




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