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Assassin’s Creed – Aguilar Bleacher Creature

If you were one of the dozens of fans who saw the new Assassin's Creed film, Bleacher Creatures has released a plush version of Aguilar, the hooded contract killer played by Michael Fassbender. The 10-inch tall plush can be picked up for $19.99.

(Really? A 17% Rotten Tomatoes score for this movie? You could edit together animated cut scenes from one of the games and come out with a better score than that.)

Bleacher Creatures announces 2012 NFL Plush Line

Bleacher Creatures NFL Manning
Bleacher Creatures NFL Cutler

Bleacher Creatures has announced their 2012 NFL Player Plush Collection. The 14" tall plush figures are currently available for $21.99 each. This season's lineup includes:

Peyton Manning - Denver Broncos - QB
Jay Cutler
- Chicago Bears - QB
Andy Dalton
- Cincinnati Bengals - QB
Larry Fitzgerald
- Arizona Cardinals - WR
Eli Manning
- New York Giants - QB (Second Edition)
Rob Gronkowski
- New England Patriots - TE
Brett Keisel
- Pittsburgh Steelers - DE

Bleacher Creatures NFL Fitzgerald
Bleacher Creatures NFL Dalton
Bleacher Creatures NFL EManning
Bleacher Creatures NFL Gronkowski
Bleacher Creatures NFL Keisel

Bleacher Creatures’ NBA Line

bc nba kobe bryant
bc nba lebron james

I guess it's possible that you won't be watching any NBA games this year. Maybe you'll be watching your favorite players in some Euro League or catching replays on ESPN Classic. Nonetheless, Bleacher Creatures has released six new 14" tall plush NBA superstars.

bc nba carmelo anthony
bc nba derrick rose

The six players are as follows (as pictured): Kobe Bryant (Los Angeles Lakers); LeBron James (Miami Heat); Carmelo Anthony (New York Knicks); Derrick Rose (Chicago Bulls); Rajon Rondo (Boston Celtics); Blake Griffin (Los Angeles Clippers). Each of these Bleacher Creatures can be purchased for $21.99.

bc nba rajon rondo
bc nba blake griffin

Bleacher Creatures’ NHL Line

bc nhl james van riemsdyck
bc nhl danny briere
bc nhl henrick zetterberg

The Bleacher Creatures line has expanded to the National Hockey League. Currently they have representatives from six different teams: Philadelphia Flyers, Detroit Red Wings, Pittsburgh Penguins, Washington Capitals, Chicago Blackhawks, Boston Bruins.

bc nhl sidney crosby
bc nhl evgeni malkin
bc nhl alexander ovechkin

The players you can pick up are (in order of pictured here): James Van Riemsdyck, Danny Briere, Henrik Zetterberg, Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Alexander Ovechkin, Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, and Tim Thomas. All of these plush figures are available in the 14" tall variety, running $21.99 each.

bc nhl patrick kane
bc nhl jonathan toews
bc nhl tim thomas