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Philadelphia Flyers Gritty Bleacher Creature

Bleacher Creatures has announced the pre-order availability of one of the newest - and already most well-known - NHL mascots out there. From the Philadelphia Flyers comes the 10-inch tall Gritty mascot plush figure. I mean...who doesn't love this guy? You might not like the Flyers...but it's hard to not like Gritty.

The Gritty plush can currently be pre-order for $19.99, with shipping anticipated for April 20th 2019.

Celebrate Summer Slam with Bleacher Creatures

Bleacher Creatures is celebrating Summer Slam 2018 by announcing six new WWE plush Bleacher Creatures. They include: The Rock Old School, John Cena, Ronda Rousey, Asuka, Ric Flair, and Alexa Bliss. You can pre-order each of these 10-inch tall plush figures for $19.99. Look for them to ship on October 15th 2018.

LeBron James Bleacher Creature – Lakers's official. LeBron James has chosen to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers. And Bleacher Creatures has released the LeBron James Bleacher Creature for pre-order. Estimated to begin shipping on October 15th 2018, you can place your order for the 10-inch tall plush for $19.99.

Bleacher Creatures – Braun Strowman and Finn Balor

The folks over at Bleacher Creatures have announced another pair of WWE Superstars that will be released in 10-inch tall plush form. There's "The Monster Among Men" Braun Strowman, complete with his giant beard and fashionable rat tail. And he's also yelling at imitation my six-year-old son has perfected. Then, you have the unmasked version of Finn Bálor. (They already released the Demon version of Bálor) You can pick up both of these wrasslers to add to your personal stable for $19.99 a pop.

Bayley the Bleacher Creature

New to the Bleacher Creatures ring in 2018 is the WWE's very own Bayley. The former Raw Women's Champion is a hugger (I mean, it says so right on her headband). And what's better to hug than a plush with a giant ponytail? You can order this 10-inch tall Bayley - and maybe have her battle the Sasha Banks Bleacher Creature - for $19.99.

Vegas Golden Knights Bleacher Creatures

Today's the NHL Trade that means no rest until 3pm for hockey fans. One guy who will not be going anywhere is Vegas Golden Knights' goaltender, Marc-André Fleury. But the goalie for the NHL's newest team is now available as a 10-inch tall plush figure from Bleacher Creatures. Available for $19.99, he's joined by the Vegas Golden Knights' mascot, Chance the Gila Monster. Because...of course, a gila monster.

AJ Styles Bleacher Creature

Bleacher Creatures has announced the pre-order availability of their WWE - AJ Styles Bleacher Creature. "The Phenomenal One" will be making his first appearance in the line. And - as you can see - he's dressed in his red wrestling attire. You can currently pre-order this 10-inch tall plush for $19.99. It's expected to begin shipping around February 25th 2018 (which is just way too long for my 6-year-old son...who must have this).

REVIEW: Finn Balor Bleacher Creature

Bleacher Creatures have come a long way since we last reviewed their cuddly plush creations on Plastic and Plush. Currently, they produce their 10-inch tall Bleacher Creature plushies based on the following licenses – WWE, NHL, and NBA. For this review, we’ve received a Demon Finn Balor Bleacher Creature to check out.


First off, this is the first time we’re using our new 360-degree view video to show off a collectible. You can check out the Balor Bleacher Creature from all angles.

If you didn’t realize yet, Finn Balor is a WWE wrestler (or sports entertainer). He normally comes to the ring as a normal looking (unpainted) dude, but he occasionally lets the Demon come out. When that happens, he more than often shows up in the paint scheme you see here.

I can see why Bleacher Creatures features this plush in their WWE marketing. Balor’s one of the more interesting characters and the only one who’s just not a guy in a shirt. He would be a lot less interesting if it was just regular old Finn Balor minus the Demon makeup.

While kids love them – my 5-year-old son swiped this Finn Balor as soon as he saw it – the Bleacher Creatures plush line is made with collectors in mind. They’re produced with flat feet, which allows you to display your plush next to your plastic collectibles. So, you could put the Finn Balor Bleacher Creature next to the Mattel Elite Series figure. No problem.

Plus, the entire line looks a lot like the players/wrestlers they are trying to represent. That’s a challenge, especially considering these plush. It’s difficult to get a plush toy to look like a real person. But Bleacher Creatures has done it.

It appears that all aspects of each Bleacher Creature’s face are unique. They have different nose shapes, different eye styles with correct colors, various mouths. You can even check out Enzo Amore’s unique two-tone spikey hairdo.

In addition to Balor, Bleacher Creatures has a number of other WWE wrestlers in their line. There’s about 10 different characters, including The Rock and John Cena. Each plush runs $19.99. I’m of the opinion that $19.99 is a decent price for a 10-inch tall licensed plush.

The Facts

Finn Balor Bleacher Creature
Series: WWE Bleacher Creatures
Manufacturer: Bleacher Creatures
Material: Plush
Authorized Likeness: Finn Balor
Dimensions: 10 inches tall
Pricing: $19.99

You can pick one up at the following: $19.99 $19.99

Teen Titans Go! Bleacher Creatures

Bleacher Creatures has released a series of Teen Titans Go! Bleacher Creature plush collectibles. Robin, Raven, Cyborg, Starfire, and Beast Boy are all available as 10-inch tall plushies. They run $19.99 each or the entire set of five can be purchased for $84.90.

Assassin’s Creed – Aguilar Bleacher Creature

If you were one of the dozens of fans who saw the new Assassin's Creed film, Bleacher Creatures has released a plush version of Aguilar, the hooded contract killer played by Michael Fassbender. The 10-inch tall plush can be picked up for $19.99.

(Really? A 17% Rotten Tomatoes score for this movie? You could edit together animated cut scenes from one of the games and come out with a better score than that.)