Originally seeing a limited resin release at Toy Art Gallery back in May 2015, the Mad Wrestlers from Monster Island will be released in rubber courtesy of Disart ToyLabs. Heavily inspired by the Weirdballs mini figure off-shoots, the line feature modified KO Madball popper heads that have been kit-bashed with a number of different M.U.S.C.L.E bodies. The series features six different designs from Monster Island’s Paul Bas. They come packed on authentic, hand cut “Madballs Vs. M.U.S.C.L.E” cardbacks featuring art from AshMadeThis.

The Mad Wrestlers will make their keshi debut in two different limited edition colorways: “Lime Green” and the standard “Flesh-tone”. They'll each sell for $55.00 for a set of six figures (plus shipping). Look for the Flesh set to be available at the Man-E-Toys/Disart store on Sunday, September 6th 2015 at 3PM GMT (10AM ET). And look for the Lime Green set to be available at the Monster Island store on Sunday, September 6th 2015 at 8PM GMT (3PM ET).


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