Science Patrol is showing off the above photo that features the wax sculpt of an upcoming original figure. The figure is called Tetsuhime [Iron Princess] and is designed to be a cuter version of an iron maiden torture device.

It's a bit scratched up and rusty due to years of sitting around in an abandoned tower somewhere in Germany and ended up being discovered and brought to Japan to sit in a Western-focused museum in East Tokyo. On its 100th anniversary of being built it came to life and after realizing that she was the only tsukumogami in the entire museum she decided to fly around the city in search of other yokai.

The figure is slated to come out this winter and will be available in the following colorways: Rusted Iron, Old Iron, and one special color variant that's still being "engineered". Standard releases will be priced at $25.00. They will be available at the Science Patrol store and at various shows around the greater Tokyo area throughout the year. 

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