Creo Lofing 2

D'creativeaholic and Creo Design are proud to present the release of the Lofing & The Magical Mushroom 6" collectible vinyl figure.
Lofing, created by Shenly Yee, is the main character of the “Minimizer Dreamland” series which was developed in 2008.

Each vinyl piece includes a mushroom accessory and adjustable arms and feet. The figure will be available in two versions - Full Color and Blank DIY - that are limited to runs of 300 pieces and 200 pieces respectively.

The UK release of Lofing will take place at ToyCon UK on April 6th 2013, and it will be availble via the Creo Design online shop soon after the event. The Blank DIY will retail for $30.00 (£20) and the Full Color will retail for $40.00 (£27.50).

Creo Lofing 1