Hustle Wave One

Niall from Man-E-Toys has revealed the first wave of the H.U.S.T.L.E Artist Series. Featuring 10 different mini figures from some of the art toy scene's finest, the blind packaged series will be available mid-January in an exclusive neon green and pink colorway for an as yet unrevealed Japan Toy Show. The standard flesh-tone release will be hitting the Man-E-Toys store a week or so after. The figures will be available for $15.00 each plus shipping ($35.00 for the 3 pack).

From top left, the designs are:

Hungry Hungry Hordak - Brutherford Industries, Untitled - Manny X, Ray Skull - Hungry Imp, Mekamess - Nama Niku, Untitled - Killer Bootlegs, Super CupCake Lucha - Rampage Toys, Seedling Warrior - Taylored Curiosities, Battle Ready Ugly Cenicorn - Rampage Toys (preview figure), Skworm Hunter ‘Archer’ - Tru:Tek (preview figure), Skworm Hunter ‘Youth’ - Tru:Tek.

Sitting alongside the remaining artists in the line-up for Wave 2, we are proud to reveal that another 6 will be joining the fray bringing the total up to a whopping 20 figures in the series. Confirmed artists for Wave 2 are as follows; UME Toys, Blurble, Adam Pratt, Josh Marlar, Menace Inc Studios, Blackgard, Matt 'Lunartik' Jones (new), Eric Nilla (new), Ironmask (new), Bigmantoys (new) and Zectron (new). Wave 2 is planned to drop at ToyCon at the beginning of April, expect more details soon!

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