Cometdebris Lucky Bags 2

Koji Harmon's Cometdebris Lucky Bags have been made available to purchase. There are three types - Sametan, Kappa Shonen, and Large - ranging in price.

The Sametan Lucky Bag will include an unpainted mixed parts Sametan, featuring a variety of unreleased colored parts for $40.00.

The Kappa Shonen Lucky Bag will include a one of a kind custom painted glitter Kappa Shonen figure (silver rainbow glitter or a rarer clear brown with gold glitter) for $90.00.

And the Large Lucky Bag will include both of the figures above, plus an unpainted Kappa Shonen (unreleased or unpainted test shot color), and a Sametan sticker/button set for $185.00.

Cometdebris Lucky Bags 1

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