Benny the Dreamer White

Toy Art Gallery has announced the next release in their Lifesize Figure Series, the Benny the Dreamer Lifesize by Okedoki. There are 25 pieces available over 5 colorways. The 53" tall and 50 pound fiberglass piece will be available in Original Red, Blue Sunset, Night Dreamer (Black), Day Dreamer (White), and Golden Sunrise.They range in price from $2,800 to $3,000 each.

Benny the Dreamer Red Benny the Dreamer Blue

Okedoki on the Benny the Dreamer Lifesize:

"Benny the Dreamer is the epitome of joy and wisdom, a reminder for all of us to follow our dreams, and to listen to what is truly in our hearts.  9 is a number of growth and the white rabbit represents our innate state of innocence and wonder.  Benny, wearing the rabbit hat, embodies enlightenment and timeless wisdom.  Sculpted while I was going through my cancer treatment, Benny is a very important to me. Through our daily struggles we have to see beyond the apparent physical state and see what is important, which is our inherent connection to everyone and all things.  I hope Benny the Dreamer will resonate with collectors and spread a message of joy and wonder."

Benny the Dreamer Gold Benny the Dreamer Black

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