Triad G4H Villians Natasha 1

Triad Toys has announced a new original character from the Gunn 4 Hire - Villains series - Natasha Kourdakov. The figure comes loaded with weapons and features a new painted headsculpt with rooted Saran hair. Look for it to retail around $119.99.

Triad G4H Villians Natasha 2 Triad G4H Villians Natasha 3 Triad G4H Villians Natasha 4

The Natasha Kourdakov Sixth Scale Figure includes:

• Netted Tank Top
• Faux Suede Ruffled Collar Leather Jacket
• Faux Suede Ribbed Lined Leather Trousers
• Black Military Bootfeet-Style Suede Leather Boots
• MP5 Assault Rifle (ATAC System with multiple components) with aimpoint, laser sight, rail system, 2 different grips and silencer
• Pistol with removable clip and leather holster
• One Pair Black Gloved Pistol Grip Hands
• One Pair Black Gloved Relaxed Grip Hands
• One Pair Black Gloved Fist Grip Hands

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