Cris Rose Sprogs 1 Cris Rose Sprogs 2

Cris Rose has released four new Lunar Sprogs - in blank prototype form. These have little removable space-domes and are twice the size (3.75") of the first Sprogs released.

The four new characters are:

Rigadon  (2 eyes, chiseled jaw)
Runcorn  (1 grumpy eye)
Rutherford (2 eyed brain in a jar)
Roemer (18 eyes. 18!!)

Edition A will be released soon, running $75.00 each.

Cris Rose Sprogs 3 Cris Rose Sprogs 4

The Lunar Sprogs are the first household bots to be rated for the vaccum of space, cosmic radiation and the course, sticky, static dust that lays over the moon's surface. With over 2 million people now resident on Earth's satellite, the demand for Sprogs that aren't limited to the inside of the biodomes has been steadily growing. Need a little bot that can trundle round a crater and retrieve your golf balls? A guy with radio comms and big arms to shift your pleasure-rover out of the canyon you just drove it into? You need one of the new Lunar Sprogs. Order yours today.

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