Pierre Rouzier Fright Mite

Pierre Rouzier has dropped some new pieces just in time for Halloween. His latest edition of Cybermite figures - appropriately dubbed "Fright'Mite" - is limited to five individually hand cast and painted polystone resin figures. That includes CreepyHollw 'Mite, Bridal'Mite, Punkin'Mite, Hello-o-Mite, and Thriller'Mite.

Pierre Rouzier Punkin Mite Pierre Rouzier Thriller Mite

Each 'Mite has a unique paint treatments (GID, LED lighting, hand sculpted elements, etc). Prices range from $65.00 to $78.00 each (plus shipping).

Pierre Rouzier Bride Mite Pierre Rouzier CreepyHollowMite Pierre Rouzier Hell O Mite

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