Mikie Graham Egg Ad 1

This coming Saturday (August 18th 2012), will be the last art show opening at the Los Angeles art gallery/toy store - Munky King. "Memories are Made of This", that last show, has been curated by art world wunderkind Super Cooper Berella...celebrating his 13th birthday.

For the show, 50+ artists have created works based on memories from their childhood. Toy customizer Mikie Graham created two mini Jumping brains customs. One we have already seen ("This Is Your Brain") and the other is a brand new psychedelic inspired piece entitled "Your Brain On Drugs".

Although this may be slightly risque subject matter for a 13 year old's birthday, Mikie would like to point out that his customs come from a strong childhood memory of the stark black and white anti-drug adds of the 1980's. A dark inspiration that has translated into some very unique art toys.

Each Mini Brain is hand painted, covered in resin and then hand painted again to resemble a fried egg. These customs are then set to rest in a real cast iron frying pan. Both customs come packaged in a hand crafted box with a removable mini print on its lid. Each egg is also signed and numbered and because this is Cooper's 13th Birthday, Mikie made sure to send yellow egg #13 especially for the show.

Mikie Graham Egg Ad 2