Chebaka 1

Creo Design has announced that the long awaited Chebaka Power Toy is now available for pre-order exclusively through the Creo Design Shop. Chebaka is the 'First Russian Designer Toy' by IToyz and Creo Design. The 4'' tall figure is available in 5 different color versions:

Navy - Navy Chebaka Controls Water
Purple - The Almighty Chebaka will grant you any wish!
Yellow - Happy Chebaka brings you happiness
Green - Lucky Chebaka brings luck into your life
Cyan - Cool Chebaka makes things cool like Fonzie

This first edition of Chebaka is limited to 100 pieces worldwide. You can pre-order via the above link for $20.00 each. The figure will go on general sale at 9:00AM GMT on September 5th 2012.

Chebaka green Chebaka navy Chebaka purple Chebaka yellow Chebaka cool

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