Mikie Graham Blast Off Bunny 2

On March 23rd 2012, Toy Art Gallery will celebrate the opening of the Bellicose Bunny Custom Show. Mikie Graham will be taking part...and he's shared some photos of his completed custom. He's calling this one "Blast Off Bunny".

Here's how Mikie describes his custom:

Mikie Graham Blast Off Bunny 1

If you compare my piece to the original you will see that I have taken the bunny off of his rocket and twisted the intention of the figure. By strapping him to the side of a missile ready to blast off, I have turned the once powerful space bunny into a helpless cartoon animal stuck to the side of his ultimate demise.

Blast Off Bunny features many hand sculpted details that help transform the figure including the ornate flame plume that attaches the figure to a distressed antique wooden base allowing the bunny to seemingly float in mid take off!

Mikie Graham Blast Off Bunny 3

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