Greeley Red Panda

Adam Greeley has finished worked on a set of customs he is calling the Red Panda Clan. They are custom painted Trikkys that come with resin bamboo staffs and basket hats. You can pick one up at Adam's Webshop for $85.00 each. (The two that come with the basket hats, only the owners will know what they look like)

Background story:

In the lush bamboo forests of Asia reside the Red Panda Clan. The Clan protects and manage the famous bamboo trees with golden leaves. They are known for their deftly skill with a bamboo staff and will protect their clan and the bamboo forests with their lives. The red pandas are also known for their skills in commerce and charitable donations to the underprivileged for they hold a wealth of untapped gold from the bamboo trees with golden leaves. The clan is led by the kung fu master Red Ren and is accompanied by his two devout apprentices.

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