ZAP Week 2 Lineup

Week One of the Zombie Art Project (ZAP) has drawn to a close and series creator, Mikie Graham, is excited to show off whats coming up. The second week of ZAP holds tons of gory surprises including removable weapons, zombie animals, and one very famous Cuban dictator. Figure pairs range from $30.00 to $60.00 and come housed in their own 6" wooden coffin.

The Week 2 lineup is as follows:

October 9th: The Pimp and Harriet the Half Ho
October 10th: Fidel and Batiste Soldier
October 11th: Granny E. and Rex
October 12th: Impaled Irving and Sickly Sue
October 13th: Mountain Man Survivor
October 14th: BIRDS!
October 15th:
The Satanist

ZAP box

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