rivet wars tanks 1

Ted over at Rivet Wars has released his 55mm Resin Toy of the Allies - the Vert Tank. Each 2+ inch toy comes bagged with stats card. As you can see from the above photo, color may vary. These are currently available for $15.00 plus $3 shipping in the US (International is more).

Below is a better example of what the sculpt looks like...as well as some background.

rivet wars tanks 2

Rivet Wars takes place in a world locked in a decades long battle. The inhabitants of the planet Rivet have divided themselves into two factions, the Allies and the Blight.

The Allies see themselves as fighting for the freedom of all Rivets. When the Blight began their attacks, the free nations of Rivet gathered their forces and formed an alliance to defeat the Blighter threat.

The Blight believe that the world of Rivet is theirs to rule by right. Blighters see themselves as Rivet's chosen rulers. They will stop at nothing to crush any opposition to their plans to conquer all of Rivet.

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