rampage ugly unicorn

Rampage Toys has announced the pre-sale (yesterday at 8:00PM ET) for their new Japan produced soft vinyl figure - Ugly Unicorn. Each figure measures slightly over 5 inches in height and will come bagged and header carded. The first two colors (unpainted) will be red and yellow (not pictured in the above photo). Pre-order one up via the Rampage Toys Shop for $32.00 each.

Painted one-offs and small runs will be available beginning at Superfestival in Tokyo on September 25th 2011.

Background story:

The Ugly Unicorn is a mysterious creature believed to come from a planet where cake and frosting are the main source of sustenance. Via some semingly random circumstances (a wormhole perhaps?) he has come to earth and now seeks the only thing that can keep him alive - CAKE! Due to his absurdly rediculous size (measured by scientist to be somewhere around 75' - depending on his food intake at time of measurement), UGLY tends to make a mess of his search for food; destroying things and leaving rubble in his wake.

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