galaxxor 05 1

From the Xenotron swarm known as the Kree-Tau Belt in the Prahvax System comes the fifth Galaxxor: Monster Hunter Robo, Galaxxor 005. This 5.5" tall action figure-style resin art toy was sculpted by Ben Spencer, hand cast in neon yellow bb-filled crystal clear by The Godbeast and hand painted by Ben Spencer. Galaxxor 005 features 2 points of articulation and comes packed in the traditional bag and header style with an exclusive header card art designed by Steve Seeley.

This figure is limited to an edition of only 4 pieces and will never be produced in this colorway ever again. Galaxxor 005 will be available for $75.00 each on August 5th 2011 at Noon CT via the Galaxxor Online Store.

galaxxor 05 2

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