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Cris Rose is back with Rotund Edition B - a vivid purple affair, suitable livery for his work in a certain chocolate factory. This version is limited to just 10 pieces. The Superbling Rotund is sporting an ever-so-classy gold and bronze finish and is rumored to serve drinks among other tasks in a tasteful Gentleman's Club...he's limited to only 5 pieces.

The 4" tall resin Rotund is hand cast and painted by Mr. Rose. Both editions come with the 3 classic interchangeable Rotund heads: 2 Eyed companion, 5 eyed security and the entirely clear holographic display head.

Edition B ($90 plus shipping) and Superbling ($120 plus shipping) go on sale Wednesday May 11th 2011 at 6PM (I'm guessing London time) through Those subscribed to his newsletter will get their standard 24 hour advanced ordering window.

crose rotund 2

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