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Bits n Bytes are a new range of resin robots from Cris Rose. Featuring six popular Sprogs (these are the Bits) and two versions of Rotund (the Bytes), these bots are the first to be offered in 1/24th scale (1" to 2") solid colored resin. Every single detail and proportion of their larger brothers is completely replicated.

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Bits n Bytes will come bagged with header cards in packs of 2 to 8, depending on release. They'll be released in "Palettes" (instead of sequential Editions), offering several colors per release. For example, a Sunset Palette may offer bots in shades of pinks, orange and blues, while a Space Palette may be black, greys and silver. Some will be distressed with scrapes cut into them, others pristine and fresh from the mould.

crose bits bytes 1

Prices will be confirmed when the first Palette goes up in Cris's store, but expect several for the price of a regular 1/12th Sprog. The first place that anyone will be able to get some Bits n Bytes will be at the Cavey Birthday show.

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