awaj resin 1

Philip Reed from Battlegrip has released the Awaj resin toy. It's limited to only eight pieces, seven of which are for sale, it stands in around 2.5" tall, 5" at its widest point on the cape, and stretches 4" from the tip of his fist to the tip of his cape. It's a mash-up of old toy parts and sculpted elements.

You can pick one up for $35.00 plus shipping. The Awaj starts shipping on Monday April 4th 2011 and is packaging free. Phil will sign the bottom of the toy if you would like...just include a note in your order if you want the toy signed.

NOTE: Not all of the Awaj have yellow eyes AND what you see here is the toy before it is gloss coated. The final toy will be completely gloss coated to help protect it.

awaj resin 2

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