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Tenacious Toys, who will be at a table along with Lou Pimentel, will be exhibiting and selling at Toy Street this Friday - April 22nd 2011.

They'll be offering the following special items:

The OsirisOrion Exclusive Custom Series uses the 1.5" Buff Monster Mini Ice Cream platform. There will be 4 shapes, each with it's own colorway. The'll have 48 pieces total, with each piece running $25.00.

Skekiltor Exclusive Pearl White Resin Figure from Halfbad Toyz. The 4.5" resin figure is limited to 20 pieces and will sell for $18.00 each.

Also, NEMO will be on-hand to deliver four never before seen 4-inch wooden tiki carvings.

tenacious skekiltor

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