gaston fantoni

Jimmy Foo has released photos of his latest custom - a Jumping Brain called 'Gaston Fantoni'. It's a pretty cool reinterpretation of Emilio Garcia's creation, using it as a mode of transportation. And here's the backstory for the character:

Very little information is available about this extraordinary performer. Born in France into the world of the circus, there he remained until his forced retirement with the closure of Bombast Furioso's Palace Of Wonders. Gaston was trained from a very early age for the trapeze. At his peak he led the Fearless Flying Fantoms ( Gaston, his brother Jean Claude and Ester Wells - an American), touring Europe and the Far East to great acclaim.

Since the closure of the Palace Of Wonders Gaston relaxes in semi-retirement just outside the town of Albert in the Picardy region of France. Here he has become a very accomplished Jumping Brain wrangler where he farms and trains his stock of rare Jumping Brains along with his brother Jean Claude. Gaston rather reluctantly agreed to have a few photographs taken on the condition that he would only appear shown in the cape and hood of the Fearless Flying Fantoms.

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