Hot Toys’ Sweeney Todd Collectible Figure

Hot Toys Sweeney Todd 1

Hot Toys loves Johnny Depp. Beginning in Q3 2011, you'll be able to pick up a new figure from the film - Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street directed by Tim Burton. The Sweeney Todd Collectible Figure is based on the image of Johnny Depp, featuring a newly sculpted head, highly detailed costume and shaving accessories, movie-accurate barber chair and backdrop of the iconic movie scene.

Hot Toys Sweeney Todd 2

The figure features:

• Six interchangeable hands
• Shaving kit including:
     • Shaving brush and mug
     • Shaving razor case with three razors
     • Brown razor polishing towel
• White handkerchief
• Movie-accurate brown barber chair with swivel, footrest and vintage patterns
• Figure stand with movie-accurate backdrop and the movie nameplate

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2 thoughts on “Hot Toys’ Sweeney Todd Collectible Figure

  1. This figure looks amazing! Looks like they got all the details right, I can’t wait until I can order it or pick it up at the next con that I go to
    Maybe NYCC 2012 wil have it?

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