graham atlas telamon

Mikie Graham - @zombiemonkie - has recently completed work on two new mini Munny designs. You can vote for these designs, along with hundreds of other customs, through Kidrobot's Munnyworld Mega Contest.

Shown above, the name Atlas Telemon translates from Latin to “enduring Atlas”. Mikie describes it as "a play on words that references the Greek Titan Atlas. As punishment for betraying the Olympians, Atlas was forced by Zuse to support the weight of the cosmos on his shoulders for the rest of eternity."

Secondly, there's the custom named Bongo Came Back. It's described in this short story: "In 1949 NASA announced they had successfully launched a monkey into outer space. Unofficially NASA had been performing experimental animal launches for years. Now one of their early experiments has found his way home. Bongo’s back... but he’s changed!"

graham bongo came back

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