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Ben Mininberg from Prometheus Rising Studios has announced the next figure in his Killer Culture resin line. The Antimacrobial Microfighter RLF-MKI is the main line of defense robots designed by the Joint Killer Culture Defense Force (JKCDF), designed to fight the growing Macrobial menace wherever they appear. Armed with a heavy bazooka, cannon and a twin-barrel multipurpose launcher, the “Relief” Mark I is designed for mobility and firepower

rolloutfighter 2

The Microfighter is a single-piece resin figure, and is tentatively slated for an April 30th 2011 release. There will be two production paint schemes at launch, as well as some surprises revealed closer to the drop. The Rollout colors are shown here, with the second production scheme revealed next week. Look for these to sell for $25.00 each.

rolloutfighter 3

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